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Products of company successfully passed laboratory tests and confirmed the high quality.


Director held meeting on modernization of agricultural company.


Agricultural company introduces new high-yielding varieties of winter wheat's seeds.


From 3 to 6 August hosted exhibition «Agro-2015». It is the largest event in the United States.

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We just wanted to let you know that we managed the first pick up without problem, and that we were delighted with the quantity, quality, and variety of produce. Is one of the best investments that we ever made.

I just want to let you know, this is the best CSA I’ve ever signed up for. The food was wonderful, plentiful, and really a great value. You do a wonderful job and I’ll definitely be signing up again next year.

Agriculture Farm was my first CSA experience, and I highly recommend it. The shares definitely got bigger as the season progressed, and I thought that there was a good quantity and variety in the box each week.

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Agronomical service company announced that:

winter wheat is fully seeded on planned area 3638.2 ha; sowing of barley, which is scheduled to be completed prior to 15 October; on a total area of seeding winter rape derived shoots.


Chinese National Corporation COFCO Limited is negotiating to acquire shares of the company of Noble (Singapore), that allows it to obtain full ownership of agribusiness.Three sources on the market told about it, says Reuters.


In 2016 company plans to hold international certification of energy management in the sugar industry. In addition, a company is interested in obtaining certificates of product quality by the standards.